Our large Eco Billy will boil 1.5litre, that's over 4 mugs of water with just a handful of Gum leaves and twigs in under 4 minutes. By the time the you've got the mugs and bickies out the Eco Billy is boiled. Made from 304 grade stainless Steel, the Eco Billy has a cone/flue roller welded in the centre to create a large heating surface that boils water in minutes.
Simple to use, handful of twigs and leaves, fill with water, light, more twigs can be added whilst alight and that's it!!


1. Up Turn the ECO BILLY and loosely fill inside the cone with leaves and twigs bark etc  

​2. Place the upright ECO BILLY on ground clear of all flammable material​​

Fill with required amount of water replace the lid make sure the handles are swung outwards

​3. Light leaves through the holes in the base. Take care of the heat emitting from the flue


​​5. More leaves and twigs maybe fed through the flue if required

      ECO BILLY MUST ALWAYS               CONTAIN WATER BEFORE                             HEATING

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  • Boils water in MINUTES using only a handful of leaves and twigs

  • Quick, safe, contained, environmentally sound fire, leaving only a small pile of ash.

  • Easy to pour—handles stay cool to touch

  • Made of stainless steel construction for long life

  • Lightweight and durable

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