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Love the ecobilly


I have been using a friends of mine ecobilly love it just bought myself one the 1.5ltr it is easy to use and quicker to boil water them the gas cooker love love love it

Jul 2, 2020 RVDAILY



The Eco Billy is a very efficient method for boiling water because it uses just a few leaves and some twigs as its fuel source. Thanks to its durable 304 stainless-steel construction, there's no worries about rusting, and it probably could even take a fair knock or two given its robust design and manufacture.

Jul 2, 2020 RVDAILY

Feb 14 2019

The best

Best idea ever. when everyone is waiting for their gas to boil water im already drinking mine because im not competing with wind rain or freezing temperatures. Here is a hint bag up some dry twigs just incase. In 6 minutes im drinking my well earned coffee. Love it because its not flash, basic is always best. No parts to break off and lose. Small one great for weekend motorbike if you dont have a trangia. The key is dry twigs not green.

Happy camping 

Sawtell, NSW

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Boil water real fast at little cost!

The Eco Billy is a fantastic camping/caravanning asset. Made from functional stainless steel (no future rust), it's design simplicity will enable you to boil water in less than three minutes using gum leaves and twigs. Twigs can be fed down the central chimney opening to keep the fire going.The inverted funnel under which the burning fire sits means that there is a greater surface area exposed to heat than the traditional cylindrical billy. The fire area is the circumference of the billy so there is an extremely small footprint left after you have boiled your water. The eco billy comes in two sizes a one-and-a-half litre size and a smaller one litre size. The larger size is more functional and I have used it to boil water on the side of the road for a cuppa when travelling.
Made from quality stainless steel. Handles fold away when travelling and do not get hot when the eco billy is in use. No pouring spout to get in the way. The hole in the side of the billy from which the water is poured functions without the water dribbling down the side. Environmentally friendly, uses little fuel (twigs and leaves) leaves very small footprint of where the fire was. dribbling
A little on the expensive side but well worth the extra dollars.

Camp Hammer

What a great Product


aug 2020

We got plenty of use out of the one we got of you guys, on our last camping trip. the ground was rock hard out at Gulgong, but your Camp Hammer made driving the pegs in, a breeze and the spike was perfect to lever them back out👍🏼👌🏼🍻


Butane Stove Windshield 

Can't cook without it


Sept 2020

Cooking without the windshield is so slow and you really go through the gas. It's light and easy to use. Its always in the camper. 5 Stars 

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